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Optimise your future demandMake your hotel more profitable in three simple steps

Demand Management

Get access to real-time demand data for your hotel, including:

  • Number of searches for each future night
  • Length of stay
  • Lead time
  • Number of occupants
  • Geo-location and more

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Tailored Promotions

Drive more direct business and cut dependency from OTAs accurately targeting website visitors.

  • Personalised offers
  • No need for annoying pop-ups
  • Opaque rates automatically activated
  • Secret offers by geo location
  • Fully GDPR Compliant

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PMS Data Analytics

Optimand easily generates several production reports and analysis, receiving automatic updates from your PMS 

  • Interactive data visualization and dashboards
  • Visualize pick-up reports by room types
  • Profile production statistics
  • Market and source analysis
  • Intuitive and easy

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How it works

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