Demand Analysis

Get truly real-time demand data from your website and the market

Tailored Promotions

 Apply customized promotions and opaque rates based on geolocation and users searches criteria

PMS Analysis

Automatically visualize very accurate and smart PMS charts and reports at anytime

Live Demand Is The New Competitive AdvantageGet more direct bookings and keep your current systems

Why Optimand?

Live Visitor Demand

Get real-time demand data from your website and the market

Tailored Promotions

You can now automatically activate promotions based on visitor’s searches criteria straight on your hotel website

Average direct bookings increase thanks to our customised solutions

PMS Data Analysis

Keep control of your properties from PC, Tablet or Mobile. Analyse your Pick-up, Distribution and more anytime and on the go

Reduce OTAs Dependency

Convert visitor from your website into bookings and cut high OTAs commissions

Save time

Automation and an easy-to-use interface = Extra time for other tasks

How it works

Step 1

Get in touch

Simply enter your contact details to receive our customized code for your website

Step 2

Insert Optimand code

Paste our code into your website

Step 3

Go Live

Get immediate access to your real-time demand and your dashboard

Step 4

Get more direct bookings

Just compare direct bookings with previous months to see the difference

Get unique insights in secondsView detailed demand information in real-time

Thanks to Optimand you can immediately visualize real-time demand coming from your website. It is exceptionally useful for the digital marketing team and for anyone in charge for your website performances. The system can conveniently show you where the demand is coming from, number of searches for each future night, length of stay details, lead time information, number of occupants and more. This is very different to most analytics tools, that are only capable of showing you information about visitors landed on your website on a specific date.

Precious info for your digital marketing Improve conversions and optimise your PPC budget


Get extremely accurate demand data for your digital marketing strategies


Visualize key insights in a surprisingly easy platform


Our solutions have been created exclusively for the hospitality, unlikely most of the analytics tools in the market

Tailored PromotionsTarget the right audience thanks to our geolocation technology

Optimand can automatically activate exclusive promotions and opaque rates based on live demand straight on your booking engine. This helps hotels to push the right promotion for the right target audience, rather than displaying packages and special conditions to everyone. Optimand is extremely easy to use and can immediately increase business directly from your brand website. The program analyses hotel demand and convert it into data. It works with any website and with any booking engine, so no changes to your systems are required. 

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Instant access whenever and wherever you likeAnalyse hotel performance and live demand from your PC, Tablet or Mobile

Optimand can also automatically create pickup and several production reports directly from the hotel Property Management System. This can save many hours per week to your team, so they can focus more on analysing the data and make the best use out of it.

I am really enjoying using Optimand on a daily basis. The system is user friendly and gives important parameters to improve your business. At a glance, I can see all required information that helps to make calculated decisions. Overall, it’s a user friendly tool and helps save time and drive performance.

A. Kumar, General Manager Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

Direct bookings are up 35% compared to last year thanks to Optimand tailored promotion.

P. Sehgal, Director The Leonard Hotel

Great tool and amazing service! Real-time demand is extremely easy to visualize and gives you very powerful insights.

A. Saraceni, Revenue Manager Croydon Park Hotel