Hotel distribution has drastically changed High costs of distribution and uncertainty in the market are significantly impacting hotels profitability

In a connected economy, macroeconomic market conditions have become key drivers, and traditional forecasts based purely on historical data are obsolete and redundant.
Independent hotels and small chains are at a data disadvantage. They don’t have the same access and depth of data and similar marketing budgets as the OTAs and large hotel groups.
Hotels have been bleeding customers to the OTAs, impacting the bottom line due to high cost of sales and nominal top line growth. Optimand can allow hoteliers of all scale and size to hit back.

Designed for leaders

Optimand is the only real-demand analysis and business intelligence tool, created by hospitality industry experts to target the needs of hospitality industry leaders.


Optimand helps convert visits to your hotel website into direct booking, by giving you all the necessary data to better understand the demand of both your property and that of your local competition.

Optimand SolutionsMake your hotel more profitable in three simple steps

Demand Management

Get access to real-time demand data for your hotel, including:


  • Search volume for future stay date
  • Length of stay
  • Lead time
  • Number of occupants
  • Geo-location and more

Tailored Promotions

Drive more direct business and cut dependency from OTAs by accurately targeting website visitors.


  • Personalised offers
  • No need for annoying pop-ups
  • Opaque rates automatically activated
  • Secret offers by geo-location
  • Fully GDPR Compliant

PMS Data Analytics

Optimand easily generates several production reports and analysis, receiving automatic updates from your PMS 


  • Interactive data visualization and dashboards
  • Visualize pick-up reports by room types
  • Profile production statistics
  • Market and source analysis
  • Intuitive and easy

More Optimand Features

Get it mobile

Get insights and reports directly on your phone or tablet. Be informed and in control of your hotel’s performance, anywhere and anytime.

Market Analysis

Easily compare your demand against a pool of similar properties operating in your market. 

Promo Optimizer

Get recommended promo settings based on your hotel real-time demand and market conditions.